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Legacy National Financial Services is dedicated to helping Federal, State, and Municipal employees successfully navigate a solid retirement for themselves and their families.

A financial professional with over fifteen years working with retirement and long-term care planning, Michael W. Peterson also has over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur. As the current Owner and Director of LegacyNFS, I help government employees, families, business owners, and high net worth individuals grow their retirement and achieve financial independence and security. I work in a team approach – employing additional experts in related areas to achieve the most for my clients.

Michael W. Peterson has experience with tax-advantaged retirement plans: TSP and FERS (Federal), 401(k), 403(b) (Educators), 401(a) (Pension Funds), and 457(b) (Municipal, Judicial, Law Enforcement, and Firefighters). Michael also has significant expertise with pensions and Social Security planning.

LegacyNFS employs a holistic planning method that assists with asset accumulation, tax strategies, estate preparation, and navigation of long-term care needs.

For business owners, we assist with asset protection, business valuation, and business succession planning. Our number one priority is to to protect your hard-earned assets in retirement. Michael Peterson enjoys estate work and assisting with all aspects of estate planning and transition.

With his own business ownership, he began a venture in health care services, taking his company from scratch to over $1.2 million in revenues by the third year. Following an expert methodology, in late 2016 he rebranded and sold the company for over 10 times his original, significant investment. He also grew an educational services business to over 82 clients in just 18 months.

Prior to business ownership, he acted as team lead assisting the US Food and Drug Administration in acquiring a three-million dollar decision support system, and helped the US Air National Guard acquire a two million dollar network management program.
Michael is passionate about the arts and community service. He and his wife have three grown sons, one daughter, and five grandchildren – the most fun of all.

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Our Purpose

Our goal is to deliver the most optimal federal employee retirement planning solutions to retirees and near-retirement clients. We strive to establish customized financial strategies for our clients to assist them in achieving their financial objectives after retirement. We assist clients in developing smart retirement plans to protect themselves from potential financial risks.

Our Goals

We’re making it easier for federal employees to get better benefits and retirement income from the government. We have a committed team of federal retirement experts working to make this goal a reality. Talk to us about your goals, and we’ll develop a solid financial strategy for you.

Our Primary Goal Is To Eliminate Your Financial Risks

Being a government employee comes with a slew of perks, but there is no guarantee of financial security once you retire. Pensions from the government are insufficient to cover your rising costs. A financial specialist can help you maintain your financial security and ensure a comfortable retirement. lorem ipsum is a specialized team of seasoned financial consultants who consider your financial demands and create the best asset protection and financial management recommendations.

Proven Financial Strategies to Ensure Your Financial Security

It all began with a zeal to provide the best financial strategies for our consumers. With each passing year, we improved our efficiency and gained a greater understanding of our skill set. We follow industry standards and our effective retirement planning services to help you realize your financial goals. We cultivate positive relationships with our customers. Our services will ensure your retirement benefits are maximized, and you have enough to live on in retirement. Why settle for mediocre benefits and a poor retirement income when you can rely on M.Dutton & Associates to make informed decisions?

Our Methodology

There aren’t many federal retirement specialists who exercise the level of professionalism that LegacyNFS does. We use a systematic approach to analyze your needs and provide the best strategy possible.

LegacyNFS has been serving federal government employees for more than 30 years. We know what retirement options can ensure the best future for you and your family, and we have hundreds of happy clients across the country. We would be proud to add you to our dedicated customer base by providing you with the finest federal employee retirement plans.

You can’t ensure a financially secure future unless you have a professional looking out for your retirement planning needs. The professionals at LegacyNFS are well-equipped with current financial trends and opportunities. We always share the most pertinent details with our clients to assist them in deciding what option suits them the best.

Whether it’s financial planning or a complete insurance package, we handle the details in accordance with your financial needs. We take a holistic view of your finances to ensure that every requirement gets complete coverage. Share your requirements with the financial experts at M. Dutton & Associates to ensure a worry-free future.

Building trust with our clients is our prime goal. We lead from the front and keep our clients updated about the opportunities to maximize their federal retirement benefits. We will ensure that you don’t have to go through the hassle of financial issues after retirement.

With more than 30 years of experience offering top-notch federal employee retirement planning solutions to retirees across the USA, you can count on LegacyNFS. It’s time to take a leap of faith in our professional financial advisors to ensure a joyous post-retirement life with your family.